Inzyon ESG Monitor

Supporting ESG researchers and asset managers to comply with ESG standards and be ahead of the the curve with impact investments.

Environment, Social and Governance, or ESG, has become the working label of what is rapidly developing as a set of mandatory regulations governing the financial asset management market. It is one of the most demanding set of regulations hitherto to be imposed on Asset Management operations worldwide. Without a capable ESG program in place, Asset Management companies may, in due time, find themselves in violation with impact investment regulations.

Inzyon’s ESG monitor is directly targeted to all Asset Management organizations that are subject to current and forthcoming regulations on compliance with sustainable investments as well as rapidly increasing sustainability requirements from the asset ownership community.

Contrary to solutions that provide users with pre-calculated ratings on portfolios or specific holdings, Inzyon’s ESG monitor supports the fund manager, and/or the ESG researcher, to develop their own assessment models, thereby not only supporting in the compliance work but also enabling competitive advantages vs other asset management companies as insights on holdings’ ESG performance can be spotted ”ahead of the curve”.

Inzyon’s ESG monitor can contribute to significant efficiency gains towards implementations of the PRI standards as well as the reporting to, and dialogues with, asset owners.

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ESG is a regulatory requirement.

ESG compliance is a requirement on assent management organizations that is evolving and growing rapidly. Frameworks are being defined and reporting standards developed.

Inzyon ESG monitor support ESG researchers and Asset Managers

Inzyon ESG monitor support ESG researchers and Asset Managers in crafting and deploying compliance measures that also enables an increased competitiveness in investment strategies.